Andrew Stravitz, Intern


My friend and I joked that we need shirts that say, “Fueled by Shame and Rage” as we were riding up South Mountain on our bikes. Unfortunately, this motto doesn’t work so well in our relationships. Our personalities and habits often develop out of shame and rage, too often unacknowledged. Eventually, these strategies don’t work for us anymore and we need help discovering new resilience. Jack Kerouac once wrote, “Accept loss forever.” His sense is that a courageous and generous life only happens by reckoning with the fear and shame that often haunts us.  Therapy can help us grieve pain, accept loss, troubleshoot broken relational patterns, and develop new strengths. I view my role as a collaborator to help you understand the dignity of your voice and experience so you can unearth resilience, mourn what’s lost, and find rest and hope in your relationships.


I have been trained to work with individuals and family units, whether adults, adolescents, or children. For those curious about my approach, I use Internal Family Systems, Emotion Focused Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, in order to address our relational, emotional, and mindful capacities.

I am also a husband, father of three, wannabe athlete, and irreverent priest.  I have been a minister for 9 years.


Arizona State University, Bachelor of Arts, Classical Greek and History

Trinity Divinity School, Master of Arts, Theology

Currently Attending: Fuller Theological Seminary, expected completion of Master of Science, Marriage and Family Therapy 2020

Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid.
Frederick Buchner