Steffi Butler, Intern


I believe that my purpose as a therapist is to create a safe place where my clients can tell their stories. Two words stand out when I think about my hopes as a therapist - wholeness and healing. While sitting with a client and holding space for their story, I hope also to help guide them to healing from their wounds and pursuing wholeness. Specifically, I have a passion for clients dealing with the effects of trauma, abuse and neglect. The marital relationship is an important one. It is often where we see the symptoms of past trauma pop-up, and I believe can be essential to the healing process. Working with couples to increase emotional and relational intimacy and heal their attachment wounding is a deep passion of mine. I believe that our stories are complex. That our early childhood experiences and attachments have deep and lasting impact on our lives and the choices we make. Research is beginning to show us that sometimes the effects of trauma can be carried beyond one generation to the next. So, in the context of therapy, I believe looking at our stories can help us make sense of them. Brene Brown says, "My story matters because I matter. I am absolutely enough."

I believe the relationship between therapist and the client is key to the effectiveness of therapy, regardless of the therapeutic approach. I tend toward modalities that are narrative and relational in nature. 

I am being trained as a marriage and family therapist, which means that I view clients as part of a whole family system. Their story is part of a bigger story. While I may only be seeing part of the system in the counseling setting, I believe the the whole system has an impact on that person and vice versa. As a student therapist, I will employ interventions from different models based on the client's needs. I work with clients to help identify and put into practice helpful coping mechanisms, heal from past hurts/wounds, and create more fulfilling relationships. I believe that we are all, spirit, mind and body and that when we heal all aspects of who we are need to be addressed.


I am currently completing the practicum portion of my Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy at Fuller Theological Seminary. My training is based in Family Systems theory and Attachment Theory. I have an undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies from Southwestern College. I was a high school teacher for over 10 years before changing paths to therapy. I have experience as a lay counselor for survivors of trauma/abuse/neglect. I am trained to work with individuals, couples and families.


Southwestern College, Bachelor of Arts, Biblical Studies

Currently Attending: Fuller Theological Seminary, expected completion of Master of Science, Marriage and Family Therapy 2019