Perception Group

co-led by Caleb Mitchell and Loren Kutsko

Self-awareness and awareness of others are your greatest resources as a leader or entrepreneur. Without the ability to clearly assess what is happening internally with ourselves, and the interpersonal dynamics at play in our work environment, we can misstep causing costly mistakes both with personnel and our overall organizational strategy, not to mention negatively impacting our own personal life.⠀ ⠀

Often, as the leader, there are few arenas to honesty wrestle with and freely express your most puzzling situations.⠀ ⠀

This working group’s purpose is to to provide this very type of confidential environment as well as tools and perspectives to use in your current context.⠀

Contact us to find out more. Next group will start January 2020.

New Couples Group

co-led by Molly Johnson and Kim Turille

This group is geared for those couples in newer relationships (pre-engaged couples, engaged couples, newly married)

Do you want to learn how to communicate better in your relationships? Do you ever wonder why relationships can feel so challenging? Do you want to gain some tools to help foster a healthy relationship? This group will focus on skills training and processing through the use of assessments, activities, and group discussion.

Contact us to find out more.